Contract Checklist

Contract Checklist

Download a PDF version of the Contract Checklist (.pdf)>>

The following checklist is meant to assist anyone who is sponsoring a University contract complete the appropriate steps.  

1.  If the contract needs to be drafted from scratch, contact Legal Affairs with plenty of advance notice.
2.  If the other party provided a draft contract, and it touches on an issue or subject matter that should be reviewed by Legal Affairs, contact Legal Affairs.  Click here for list of contracts that should be reviewed by Legal Affairs.  If in doubt, contact Legal Affairs.
3.  If the other party provided a draft contract, read the contract with the following questions in mind: 
      a.  Does it reflect “the deal” fully and accurately?  
      b.  Is it a good business decision for the University?
      c.  Is it balanced and fair?  (Consult Contract Basics or the Contract Negotiations 101        training for guidance on this front.)
      d.  Does it contain the recommended contract terms?  (Consult Contract Basics              or the Contract Negotiations 101 training for guidance on this front.)
      e.  What about undesirable terms?

4.  Depending on the contract, you may also need to consult with:
      a.  Purchasing
      b.  UDit (software)
      c.  Facilities Management (construction)
      d.  EHS/RM (insurance)
      e.  Human Resources (employment-related arrangements; non-employees who                require building or system access; etc.)

5.  Determine who has signature authority to sign the contract; Legal Affairs can assist      you in identifying the correct person.  Be sure to brief that person.

6.  Once the contract is fully executed, retain the original for your files and send a copy to Legal Affairs at or CAMPUS MAIL +1660.

7.  Once the contract is in place, manage the obligations under the contract.  That is, be sure the University performs its obligations, provides timely notices, etc., and that the other side does as well.


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