Recommended Legal Review

Recommended Legal Review

The Office of Legal Affairs is more than willing to assist in reviewing and revising any contract.  

However, the following types of contracts and provisions in particular should be brought to the attention of Legal Affairs because of the unique interests at stake:

1. Joint ventures or partnerships

2. Contracts where the other party is an international entity

3. Contracts involving a significant waiver or release by the University or University officials

4. Covenants not to sue or significant warranties

5. Powers of attorney

6. Contracts where the ownership, licensing or creation of intellectual property is at stake (e.g., copyright, trade secrets, patents, inventions in general, trademarks, logos, etc.)

7. Contracts involving faculty rights

8. Contracts regarding employment or non-employees with access to campus (the Office of Human Resources also would need to be consulted)

9. Contracts under which the University provides significant off-campus education programs

10. Contracts that involve the exclusive use by the University of a product or service, i.e., exclusivity

11. Contracts where one party is a governmental agency (whether federal, state or local)

12. Contracts anticipating the use of chemicals, radioactive materials, explosives or other materials that may be considered hazardous

13. Contracts for which the President, the Provost, the Vice President for Finance or the Board Chairperson deems it prudent to have the advice and input of counsel

14. Contracts involving services or activities that include children who are not University students

15. Contracts or agreements in connection with the settlement or compromise of any significant claim by or against the University that is in litigation, arbitration or mediation

16. Contracts involving a lease, purchase, sale, or gift of any real estate

17. Contracts requiring the University or University officials to provide significant indemnification or insurance to a third party

18. High risk activities such as physically-intensive activities (sky-jumping, etc.), financially risky undertakings, etc.

19. Contracts of long duration, such as in excess of five years (includes shorter contracts where the renewals can extend the contract beyond 5 years)

20. Contracts involving significant financial commitments by the University

21. Contracts about games of chance, lotteries, sweepstakes or any gambling

22. Contracts that have a purpose that could reasonably be construed as inconsistent with the University’s character as a Catholic-sponsored institution of higher education or other positions adopted by the University 


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