The items provided below are meant to be useful resources for the University community.  If you have a suggestion for any additional resource, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Legal Affairs with your suggestion.  

  1. Contract authority subdelegation letter (template)
  2. Minors Policy Toolkit (includes sample registration forms to use when planning an event involving children; spreadsheets to track attendees or volunteers; forms to use to verify background checks, etc.; frequently asked questions, and much more)
  3. Montgomery County, Ohio Clerk of Courts website (if you're attempting to find a public record on this site, we suggest you use Internet Explorer as your browser)
  4. Policies overseen or otherwise managed (whether partially or wholly) by Legal Affairs
  5. Student Consent to Disclose Education Records Form (the FERPA waiver form)
  6. Student Employee / Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
  7. Employee Confidentiality Agreement (note that a signed copy should be provided to the Office of Human Resources)