Finals Friends

    Final exams week often means stress, anxiety (and coffee). This year, it will also include some extra encouragement. University Libraries is sponsoring Finals Friends, a note-writing drive for alumni to send well wishes to current students as they burn the midnight oil.

    Whether heartfelt (“Wishing you the best of luck!”) or humorous (“I remember finals week — and I’m glad it’s over.”), notes will be delivered at random to students studying in Roesch Library during the semester’s last days. Follow Roesch Library on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see students’ reactions.

    Cards were available at regional chapter events this spring, and an electronic version is available below. 

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    Alumni, we invite you to write notes of encouragement to students studying during finals week. Notes received via this form will be printed and delivered at random to students studying in Roesch Library. Messages will also be shared on Roesch Library social media channels.

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