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Our Plan in Action


New email delivers all the Libraries’ latest titles

Students, staff, and faculty can receive emails with all the latest print and electronic titles available in the UD catalog -- books, journals, databases and more.

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Experience Accelerated Collaboration Nov. 8: Spotlight on Concourse D

On Wednesday, November 8, the campus and wider Dayton community are invited to Roesch Library to experience a prototype of an innovative collaboration space known as Concourse D.

Libraries, Humanities and Social Sciences

Collaborating for Better Student Research Papers

Professor Heidi Gauder (Libraries) and Professor Michelle Pautz (Political Science) collaborated to foster a better learning opportunity for students in POL371: Environmental Policy, resulting in a published article about their approach.

Career Development, Libraries, Experiential Learning

Student library staff developing talent, leadership for future professions

At Roesch Library, student employees are doing more than earning a paycheck; they are learning skills to help them accomplish more in their academic and professional careers.


Roesch Refresh: ‘Petting zoo’ invites furniture feedback

Through Sept. 28, an area in the Knowledge Hub will transform into a furniture “petting zoo,” where students, faculty and staff can try out and give feedback on furniture options for the upcoming library renovation.

Libraries, Diversity and Inclusion

Libraries Welcome Flyer Promise Scholars for Explore-your-Library Challenge

On August 11, Roesch Library welcomed 42 first-year students — the inaugural recipients of the Flyer Promise Scholarship — for an explore-your-library challenge.

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Librarians Welcome New STEM Majors

Workshop's hands-on journal activities give first-year STEM majors an introduction to the scholarly research cycle.


A Religious Studies Boot Camp

August is the time of year when we prepare for boot camp — research boot camp, that is. In collaboration with the religious studies department, librarians spend time before the start of school teaching graduate research assistants the research skills needed to support the faculty.

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Teaching with Rare Materials

Can the Marian Library support instruction across the UD campus? YES!


Smart Stacks

In an era of many mobile devices, short space and short budgets, the University of Dayton Libraries are turning to data analysis and technology to ensure access to resources, reduce spending, make optimal use of space and build modern collections around user demand.


Open Access Research Data

The University of Dayton Libraries are continuously adding to their expertise on open data and structuring library services to assist faculty and students with data management planning and archiving. Several pending grant proposals contain library-supported data management plans, and UD?s open-access institutional repository, eCommons, is one of many available outlets faculty have for storing and archiving data for future research.


Special Collections in the Classroom

The University Libraries have a trove of rare and one-of-a-kind books, documents, sacramentals, relics and other treasures in their special collections, ranging from baseball cards and holy cards to saintly relics and sheet music. But they’re a well-kept secret. The Libraries are working to build awareness of the collections so that students, faculty and researchers can use them in their courses and scholarly work.


The Marian Forum

A new interactive Marian conference started in the fall of 2015 illustrates the Libraries’ commitment to promoting and facilitating scholarship on the Blessed Virgin Mother. Held in person and online, the Marian Forum has attracted more than 200 participants from across the United States and 15 foreign countries.


Grounds for a Marian Eco-Spirituality

Following the example of Pope Francis, the Mariologists at the International Marian Research Institute have been contemplating how the Blessed Virgin Mary might be able to contribute to worldwide dialogue on the environment.


New at Roesch Library

New at Roesch Library: unlimited access to complete archives of ‘Harper’s,’ ‘The New Yorker’ and more.

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