Welcome to University Libraries

The University of Dayton Libraries, consisting of Roesch Library, Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute, and University Archives and Special Collections, are the University’s principal center for the collection, dissemination and preservation of diverse information resources, Catholic and Marian collections and research, and the University’s historical record.

Our Mission

The University Libraries provide excellent research and scholarly collections, quality service, integrated curricular support and dynamic learning environments – all vital to the mission of a Catholic and Marianist University.


Our Vision

The University Libraries will: 

  • Advance the creation, preservation and pursuit of knowledge, fostering lifelong learning and excellent scholarship; 
  • Excel in providing global access to unique collections that inspire commitment to the Catholic and Marianist tradition; 
  • Model outstanding service and stewardship.


Our Actions

  • Provide responsive and innovative service to facilitate research, inquiry, exploration and reflection. 
  • Build collections that serve the diverse needs of our academic community, other researchers and visitors. 
  • Develop and preserve unique library and archival collections on the Virgin Mary, the U.S. Catholic experience and the University of Dayton that enrich the curriculum and support research. 
  • Provide seamless and reliable access to resources in support of learning and teaching. 
  • Create programs and exhibits that support the Libraries’ mission.
  • Hire, develop and retain a diverse, qualified and dedicated faculty and staff, distinguished by their openness, commitment to excellent service, innovation and professional development. 
  • Contribute to collaborative learning and curricular support. 
  • Build partnerships on campus and beyond.
  • Engage in the process of Marianist education by providing instruction and expert assistance for research, participating in curricular planning and developing lifelong learners. 
  • Contribute actively to campus-wide initiatives and activities through direct participation and broad support. 
  • Promote and provide infrastructure for the management and sharing of knowledge and information resources created and used by the University’s different learning communities. 
  • Welcome the diversity of people and viewpoints in the spirit of the Marianist Charism. 
  • Create and maintain a physical environment that is welcoming, comfortable, well-equipped, meets the needs of varied learning styles, and is conducive to scholarship and cultural enrichment.


Our Values

The Marianist Spirit permeates the academic, social, spiritual and physical lives of all those drawn together in the University of Dayton community, itself a part of the global Marianist network. At the core of the Marianist Charism is Mary, in her personal relationship with God and all people—as woman, mother, teacher and First Disciple to her son, Jesus. Her attitudes of openness, discernment, service, simplicity, leadership and community-building inspire and energize all who engage in the University’s Catholic and Marianist mission. Mary’s universal motherhood gives way to a visible witness of community—one of mutual collaboration, exemplifying “unity in diversity” and the complementarily of various gifts and ministries. Mary’s openness to God’s plan leads to service within and without the community—continually interpreting the “signs of the times” and responding to the needs, insights and challenges of each new age.

Charged with supporting the ongoing growth and development of the Catholic and Marianist character of the University of Dayton, the faculty and staff of the University Libraries profess and pursue the following core values to express and foster the Marianist Spirit:

Academic Excellence
Collaboration and Collegiality
Intellectual Freedom
Knowledge and Scholarship 
Quality Service


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