Welcome to the ILLCs at UD!

An ILLC Overview

2015-16 NewsletterJoin a group of people who live in the same residence hall and take classes together.  As part of an ILLC, students make lifelong friendships, earn higher GPAs, and get involved with campus activities.  Studies show that ILLCs help new students successfully transition into college. There is an ILLC for you! But, act quickly. They fill up fast. You may be invited to select an ILLC as part of your course preferencing process. Find the best fit for you!

ILLCs open to all majors: Building Communities for Social JusticeBusiness Ethics and Environmental SustainabilityCORE: Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture; and Sustainability, Energy & the Environment.

ILLCs for specific majors: Curiosity in the Classroom (select Teacher Education majors) and Women in Science & Engineering (female science and engineering majors).

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An ILLC for the Core Program