List of ILLCs

As a member of an ILLC, you’ll discover that your hall mates are also your classmates. ILLCs focus on a central topic, meaning you will take at least one course with other members of your community and explore connections between ideas in these subjects. Each ILLC also offers numerous opportunities to interact with your hall mates and faculty members around topics related to your theme.

Each ILLC has a unique course component and dedicated faculty in addition to activities that take place outside of the classroom.  

Human Rights - Darfur

Building Communities for Social Justice

Open to all students unless restricted by major.

Listening to Lecture

Business, Ethics and Environmental Sustainability

Open to all students unless restricted by major.

Diverse Students

Core: Human Values in a Pluralist Culture

For students of any major who are in the Core Program.

Service Learning

Curiosity in the Classroom

Open to teacher education majors.


Sustainability, Energy and the Environment

Open to all students unless restricted by major.

Working in Chemistry lab

Women in Science and Engineering

Open to women students in engineering, biology, chemistry, and premedicine.

Family Development

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