Women in Science & Engineering

Are you a science or engineering major? Would you like to live and go to classes with others with similar interests? Then the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) ILLC is for you!

The shared courses will provide a platform for scientific exploration and discussion.  In the WISE ILLC, you will interact with science and engineering faculty, upper- level students, and professionals.  You will be surrounded by other students with interest in science and engineering and experience a support system to help foster success and community.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun. Through the WISE ILLC, you will build personal and professional networks that will last a lifetime.

Students: Open to women students in engineering, biology, chemistry, and premedicine

ILLC Coordinators: Beth Hart, Jack O'Gorman, Liz Mancini

ILLC Faculty: Mark Masthay, Kim Bigelow, Beth Hart

Residence: Stuart Complex

Shared Courses: CHM 123 (General Chemistry), CHM 123L (General Chemistry laboratory) and/or EGR 103 (Engineering Innovation), depending upon the specific major.

Graduation Requirements:  These courses will fulfill graduation requirements specific to your major.

Community Activities:

  • Interact with women faculty, upper level students, and professionals in science and engineering (speakers, networking events, socials)
  • Discuss topics related to women in science and engineering
  • Participate in TechFest (regional Math & Science fair) to encourage grade K – 8 student interest in science and engineering through fun hands on activities 
  • Participate in community building and social event