Studio Fellows

LTC Studio Fellows For Teaching Innovation Program


The LTC Studio space is intended to be a laboratory for faculty to experiment with innovative teaching practices.  There are two ways to engage this innovative classroom space: (1) become a Studio Fellow for the entire semester, or (2) experiment with the Studio in a more tailored manner for a specific time period and activity during the semester.  Faculty who choose to teach in this space pledge to become part of a community of practice that supports and cultivates their goals in teaching and student learning, whether throughout the entire semester or during a narrower window of time.  After teaching in this space, the hope is faculty will integrate these efforts into all of their teaching. Only faculty who follow the established process will be assigned teaching time in the Studio.

Studio Fellows

Each semester a small cohort of faculty will be selected via an application process.

Faculty who elect to become LTC Studio Fellows agree to:
•Attend and actively participate in cohort sessions (at least two cohort sessions per semester and two small-group seminars per semester)
•Visit a class of a Studio Fellow cohort member
•Share and discuss their experiences teaching, both with their cohort and with their colleagues across the university
•Try new methods of teaching and be willing to stumble in and learn from those pursuits
•Help and support one another in their pursuits
•Be willing to experiment with and adapt technology enhancements in the Studio
•Assist with training incoming Studio Fellows by sharing pedagogical approaches
•Complete a feedback assessment after participating in the program
•Ensure the department chair of the Studio Fellow is aware that experimentation in the Studio could affect SET scores and feedback.

Please note that the LTC Studio has a cap of 24 students.

Faculty members who complete the LTC Studio Fellows program will receive:
• An "LTC Studio Fellow for Teaching Innovation" designation
•Opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary community of practice
•Consultation and support services from the Learning Teaching Center and UDit

Questions about becoming a Studio Fellow?
Faculty members interested in teaching in the Studio should reach out to LTC Fellow Caroline Merithew,, 229-3047.

Questions can also be directed to David Wright, or Rachel Normile,


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