Campus Conversations (Formerly FES)

Based on feedback from several focus groups of faculty, staff and students, the Faculty Exchange Series (FES) has been re-named “Campus Conversations.” We believe this name better reflects the sessions that fall under this programming, and with the emphasis on “Campus,” we can be clear that all in the UD community are welcome to attend.  We will be adding sessions to the Campus Conversations listing. If you have an idea for a Campus Conversations session, contact Susan Brown.

Campus Conversations Sessions

Spring 2018 Campus Conversation offerings 

Campus Conversation & Webinar: Assessment of Global Learning: Performance Targets vs. Developmental Growth
Facilitated by: Karen McBride, CIP
Friday, April 13, 1:30-2:30 pm, LTC Meeting Space 028

In conjunction with CIP, the LTC will host a webinar that focuses on the assessment of global learning and provides information on the differences between performance targets and developmental growth.

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Campus Conversation: Faculty Scholarship Workshop: Copyright, fair use, author rights, and open data
Facilitated by: Joan Plungis and Maureen Schlangen, University Libraries
Friday, April 20, 12:30-1:30 pm, LTC Studio 042

This overview, presented by librarian Joan Plungis and repository manager Maureen Schlangen, provides information about copyright and open access in scholarly communication, plus library services that support scholarship throughout the research cycle. 

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