TAGS Committee

In October 2013, the Provost Council/International Education Council organized the TAGS (Teaching a Global Student Community) group. The committee or advisory group began meeting in November, 2013 and currently meets every other month.


To engage a cross-campus committee to coordinate and propose programs, initiatives and structures which develop faculty, staff and student capacity to:

  • teach and learn in a global learning environment,
  • serve or assist international students’ academic progress inside and outside the classroom, and
  • contribute to the development of  intercultural capacity within the UD community


  • Develop a coordinated plan and communication strategy for training and support for campus faculty and staff, and students
  • Develop a plan to provide ongoing academic orientation and support to international students to facilitate transition to and success at UD
  • Support efforts to benchmark, analyze data and assess needs/progress
  • Seek ways to improve international student academic advising and support services
  • Guide the development of the TAGS website and related resources
  • Define and recommend strategies for faculty and staff, and students to increase intercultural and global learning capacity.  For example:
  • Serve as a resource for policy and decision-makers, and report progress and recommendations annually to IEC
  • Coordinate with and between each subcommittee, as needed
  • Update department/unit leadership on progress in these areas, and assist in communicating relevant information to colleagues campus-wide


Karin Avila-John, Intensive English Program, Center for International Programs

Nicholas Taggart, Intensive English Program, Center for International Programs

Sangita Gosalia (Chair), Campus Engagement, Center for International Programs

Tim Kao, International Student & Scholar Services, Center for International Programs

Ya You, Office of Learning Resources, Learning Teaching Center

Christina Klimo, Write Place, Learning Teaching Center

Diana Cuy Castellanos, SEHS

Andy Slade, CAS

Cheryl Edelmann, SBA

Laura Bistrek, SOE

Diane Helmick, Graduate Academic Affairs

Jack O’Gorman, Library

Christina Smith, Student Development

Beth Harrison, Learning Teaching Center

Fr. Joe Kozar, Office of Mission and Rector

Christine Kremer, Enrollment Management

Beverly Jenkins, Enrollment Management

Suki Kwon, TAGS Faculty Fellow, Learning Teaching Center