Leadership UD

Leadership UD is designed to cultivate leadership capabilities and a leadership mindset among high interest/high potential University of Dayton employees, regardless of their career path or current position. A combination of faculty and professional staff are nominated by Vice Presidents and Deans to participate. Leadership UD takes place over the fall and spring semesters, and the group meets ten times in a seminar setting in addition to an overnight kick-off retreat in September.

Leadership UD graduates are invited to attend select Leadership UD functions in subsequent years, and many continue to contribute to the experience. Participants take the skills, ideas and energy generated through the Leadership UD experience back to their departments as they serve the University.

Candidate Profile Form

Leadership UD Priorities

1.  Understanding and Transforming UD 
  • Reflect on current trends in higher education and collaborate to bring about needed change
  • Expand leadership capacity by developing transformational agents with a broader understanding of institutional structures.
  • Increase understanding of UD systems in order to better understand UD and the context of their work, appreciate the role effective leaders play and create opportunities for needed growth and change
2.  Developing Leadership Self-awareness
  • Identify and reflect on their personal and professional leadership strengths and gifts to more effectively serve the university and wider community
  • Expand leadership capacity by providing opportunities for exploration of their individual leadership skills
  • Act as a catalyst to encourage critical analysis, reflective thinking, and dialogue with others. 
3.  Building Relationships and Community
  • Provide exposure to examples of effective leadership
  • Create meaningful networks
  • Model effective leadership and community building by facilitating campus conversations
  • Provide a vehicle for leaders to build relationships across campus to strengthen institutional collaboration.
4.  Promoting Cultural and Intercultural Competence
  •  Support leaders in developing cultural and intercultural competence to maximize the potential of all members of our community 
5.  Building on Catholic and Marianist Identity
  • Enhance understanding of the Marianist charism and our Catholic identity and their impact on decision-making
  • Explore Marianist roots in order to integrate Marianist practices in their work and their interactions with others.


The objectives of Leadership UD are as follows:

  • Expose participants to broader university issues and how UD "works" formally and informally;
  • Increase participant engagement with the University's mission, including an emphasis on its Catholic and Marianist heart;
  • Explore leadership, leadership in higher education, and leadership at UD;
  • Provide participants with access to ideas and people that shape the future direction of the University and higher education;
  • Enhance the ability of participants to look at the University as a system;
  • Empower participants to make further connections with colleagues across units and expand their networks;
  • Provide opportunities for participants to engage in self-reflection and explore what it means to lead;
  • Involve not only participants, but also mentors and session facilitators in conversation and projects around issues important to our future.


Leadership UD offers a variety of benefits to participants as well as to the larger University community.
  • Builds individual and institutional leadership capacity.
  • Increases understanding of the University's complexity and enhances one's ability to feel connected to and access other University resources.
  • Stimulates the formation of community apart from one's natural peer group, and allows easy access to other leaders in Leadership UD cohorts and administration.
  • Creates a group of knowledgeable, committed individuals who feel ownership of the University and can be asked to assume formal and informal leadership roles on campus, e.g. serve on University committees and projects.
  • Develops spokespersons and advocates for the UD Catholic and Marianist philosophy and culture both on and off campus.
  • Increases retention.
  • Enhances one's career development on campus.
  • Creates another venue for the development of innovative ideas/solutions for the opportunities and challenges facing the University.
  • Builds human networks of University of Dayton leaders.
  • Enhances and accelerates participant exposure to other campus leaders and departments.