A maximum of 24 people have the opportunity to participate in Leadership UD in any given year.  University Deans and Vice Presidents are invited to discuss participation in Leadership UD with their target employees to identify interest. Current and past participants in Leadership UD are also asked to approach their Vice Presidents or Deans with suggestions for nominations.

Potential participants should meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be full-time employees for a minimum of one year at date of nomination.
  • Candidates should demonstrate a willingness to work collaboratively.
  • Candidates should demonstrate the ability to set and achieve goals, which is an indication of candidates' motivation and leadership potential.
  • Candidates should demonstrate an interest in learning about leadership, about leadership in higher education, about leadership at UD, and about their own leadership characteristics. This is achieved through past and/or current involvement and interest in the UD community.
  • Candidates should show potential to impact the UD community further. This is based on the applicant's ability to offer leadership abilities to benefit the UD community, to work with others at UD, and to provide initiative in critical areas.

The maximum number of nominations allowed per Dean or Vice President varies according to the number of employees per unit. Also factored in is the strong desire to bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the cohort.  Deans/Vice Presidents may invite up to their assigned limit of high potential, interested, exempt individuals from their areas to participate. Each nominee must obtain supervisor and Dean/Vice President sign-off.

Selection Process

Participants are nominated by their Dean/Vice President or President. Once nominated, participants are expected to attend an informational session. After completing this session and evaluating time availability and desire to be part of Leadership UD, participants will be asked to confirm whether they have the ability and desire to become part of the next Leadership UD cohort.

The cohort selection process seeks a diverse cross-section of the UD community-men and women from different disciplinary traditions, career paths, education, backgrounds, and units.