For Vice-Presidents/Deans

Leadership UD brings together a diverse group of faculty and professional staff from across campus to learn, share and experience a wide range of issues from the perspective of a leader. Participants learn about themselves as leaders, and about formal and informal leadership structures on campus. They are given the opportunity to network with people and departments with which they may not normally interact.

As a sponsor you have the unique opportunity to nominate individuals from your division to participate in the Leadership UD experience.

What criteria are ideal in participants?

  • Candidates must be full-time employees for a minimum of one year at date of nomination.
  • Candidates should demonstrate a willingness to work collaboratively.
  • Candidates should demonstrate the ability to set and achieve goals, which is an indication of candidates' motivation and leadership potential.
  • Candidates should demonstrate an interest in learning about leadership, about leadership in higher education, about leadership at UD, and about their own leadership characteristics. This is achieved through past and/or current involvement and interest in the UD community.
  • Candidates should show potential to impact the UD community further. This is based on the applicant's ability to offer leadership abilities to benefit the UD community, to work with others at UD, and to provide initiative in critical areas.

What costs are associated with participating?

Deans and Vice Presidents share in the program cost by contributing $1,250 to cover the candidate’s expenses in Leadership UD.  

In addition, each participant is required to attend at least eight of the eleven scheduled Friday afternoon sessions and a mandatory opening retreat. Cohort members are expected to prepare themselves for each session by reading materials or completing other assignments. Participants' repeated absences not only detract from their experience, but also adversely impact the entire cohort.

Nomination Form (for internal use only)

As Deans/Vice Presidents solicit nominations by others from within their respective areas, this optional tool for selection unit nominees might be of use in sorting through the various candidates in order to narrow the field to identify the few candidates to bring forward.  Nominators/supervisors can be encouraged to submit answers to the questions on the form for each potential participant.

Recruitment Timeline:

Please provide the name(s) of your nominee(s) to Deb Bickford by Friday, February 12.  An indication of how many of your reserved spots you will be using is appreciated earlier.

Nominees should submit an online Candidate Profile form by Friday, February 19.

Nomination Form (Word Doc)
Candidate ProFile Form


Please contact any member of the Leadership UD Recruitment Team by e-mail or phone:

    Phil Anloague, 229-5602
    Deb Bickford, 229-5360
    Karen Bull, 229-3329
    Celine O'Neill, 229-4895
    Joan McGuinness Wagner, 229-3094