Midterm Instructional Diagnosis


The Midterm Instructional Diagnosis will be offered again in Spring 2018.

Since 1979, Midterm Instructional Diagnosis (MID) has been a part of the University of Dayton. MID is a voluntary midterm evaluation process.  With the teacher out of the room, a faculty facilitator interviews students for 15-20 minutes to solicit feedback on how well the class is promoting learning and suggestions on how to improve instruction.  The facilitator shares the results with the teacher in a confidential manner.


  • Optional and confidential

  • Voluntary

  • Formative, not evaluative

  • Faculty helping each other

  • Involves students

What Faculty Say

Over the years, faculty report improved learning, creative suggestions for change, and higher end-of-semester evaluation scores by using the MID


  • Improved student learning

  • Creative suggestions for change

  • Higher end-of-semester evaluation scores

What Students Say

Students praise the MID process because it communicates faculty interest in their learning and helps improve teaching.

In-Class Process

  • Faculty member turns over the class to the facilitator and leaves the classroom for 15-20 minutes.

  • Facilitator quickly explains MID to the class.

  • Students are broken into groups of four or five and given prompts for feedback

  • Students are asked to address the following three questions:

               What is helping you learn in this course?

               What is hindering your learning in this course?

               What suggestions do you have to improve the learning in this class?

  • After seven to ten minutes, students are brought back together as a group to share their feedback and suggestions.


The MID will be available between the fourth and tenth week of the semester.  If you would like to read more before about the MID process before you facilitate or receive a MID, please contact Susan Brown (sbrown4@udayton.edu) and ask for a MID user's guide.  Facilitators reach out to faculty members for whom they will do a MID to discuss details of the class and schedule the MID.  The facilitator carries out the MID usually at the beginning or end of class and then meets again with the faculty colleague to review the MID feedback.



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