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Workshop: Vocational Discernment and the Common Good

Facilitated by: Maria Burkett (Honors Program), Jennifer Speed (College of Arts and Sciences), Steve Wilhoit (LTC/English), Sandra Yocum (Religious Studies)

Join us in the LTC on Tuesday, March 27 from 11:00 am - 12:15 pm for a workshop titled Vocational Discernment and the Common Good. In this workshop, we'll discuss how faculty and staff understand and define "the common good."

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The Language of Vocation

Vocation is central to the University of Dayton’s vision and mission.In its efforts to educate the “whole person,” the University of Dayton attends to its students’ intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth; helps students define and live a life of purpose, meaning, and personal fulfillment; and develops in students habits of reflection, community engagement, and service. In other words, the University’s goal is to graduate students who are actively engaged in discerning and realizing their vocation.

Here at UD, vocation is defined as follows: Answering a call to discover one’s unique gifts and employ them in service for the common good in ways that are personally satisfying and bring meaning to one’s life.

“The Language of Vocation at UD” (PDF) includes suggestions for how students can actively engage in identifying and pursuing their vocation through UD’s curriculum and co-curriculum.

Incorporate Vocation Reflection into coursework, programming, and advising.

Supporting students’ vocational reflection can be accomplished in a variety of ways across the curriculum and co-curriculum. It can be as simple as integrating a few key questions, articles, or experiences into courses or as complex as designing a weekend retreat experience for students.  

Educational opportunities for faculty and staff occur regularly: Current Calendar.  To receive information about these events as registration opens, click the link for dates and send an email to Teri Dickison, tdickison1@udayton.edu.

Library Resources

A special “Vocation and Calling” collection is available in the Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center (library basement) through the generosity of a NetVUE grant and continuing support of the Provost Office. This collection contains over 100 volumes of significant research and materials useful for vocation implementation across the curriculum.  You can search this collection through the library catalogue.

Vocation Implementation Team

Since 2015, with the support of the Provost’s Office and a NetVUE grant, the University’s Vocation Implementation Team (VIT) has been developing strategies to make vocational discernment a central part of every student’s educational experience at UD.  The VIT includes representatives from across the University.  For more information, contact co-chairs, Steve Wilhoit, swilhoit1@udayton.edu or Crystal Sullivan, csullivan1@udayton.edu or the VIT member in your division.  Current VIT team members (PDF).  

Vocation is one of the seven principle Institutional Learning Goals adopted as guidelines for units to follow when drafting their student learning outcomes.

Common Academic Program

In 2015-16, the VIT produced a white paper White Paper (PDF) that highlighted the state of vocation engagement at the University of Dayton and identified recommendations to improve student learning and reflection on vocation.  

SInce then, the VIT has been working on educating faculty and staff on the language of vocation at UD and supporting all in adapting teaching and programming to support vocation discernment across the student experience.  The VIT is also working on a long-term plan which describes how academic courses and co-curricular programs can work in tandem to ensure that vocational discernment is a central part of every student’s experience at the University over the course of his or her education and beyond.  It will outline a scaffolded sequence of courses and co-curricular activities and experiences that helps students develop skills in and an aptitude for vocational reflection and decision from their first year of study to the completion of their major capstone course or experience.   Engaging the university community in this long-term vision is the ongoing task of the VIT.

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