Office of Learning Resources | OLR - Your Partner in Learning

    We know a lot about learning these days. We know it happens both inside and outside the classroom, in formal and informal, individual and group settings, and in different ways for different people.  We know that learning is influenced by attitude and motivation, by pedagogy, by environment (space, time, lighting, sound), by learning habits and preferences.

    The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center's Office of Learning Resources is a learning resource for students, parents, faculty, and staff at the University of Dayton.  OLR offers a wide variety of information and services to help everyone become a successful learner. Peruse the web site, attend one of our services, or contact our office and meet with a staff member.  However you find us, OLR is your partner in learning!

    Learn to learn, live, and work together.  For real.

    The University of Dayton's Marianist focus on learning and living together provides everyone at UD the opportunity to learn how to live and work effectively in our increasingly diverse, global society. Take advantage of the many ways you can learn from and with people different from yourself!

    Accessibility.  It's what we're all about.

    The OLR website is designed for ease of use. Most content can be accessed from the homepage tabs or with only one or two clicks. Pages with a good deal of content will have quick links at the top to lead to specific content areas. The pages and forms are screen reader friendly. Individual users can modify the view for easier reading by typing CTRL + to enlarge the font size (zoom in) or CTRL - to reduce the font size (zoom out).

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