Ryan's Lab Software

OLR has a state-of-the-art assistive technology lab available for select students to utilize for studying and testing accommodations.  OLR offers technical training for eligible students on specific programs supported in Ryan’s Lab as well as resources for select free and open-source technology. 

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) is available on all computers in Ryan’s Adaptive Lab.   Labs also have either a CCTV or Scanner available for student usage. 

Additional assistive technology available includes UbiDuo, FM Loop, PocketTalker, LiveScribe Pulse Pen, Video Magnifiers, Handheld magnifiers, Scanning and Reading Appliance (OCR), Focus Braille displays, Braille translator, Braille software and Braille embosser. Some of this equipment is available for use in the Lab and other equipment may be loaned to a student for one semester.  Please contact OLR for information about equipment loans.

OLR also maintains a list of Open Source Technology

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Software currently available in Ryan’s Lab is listed below:

Dragon Naturally Speaking (Voice Recognition)

This software lets you talk to your computer instead of typing. As you talk, your words are transcribed onto your screen and into your documents or e-mail messages.

You can use Dragon for Composing letters, memos, and e-mail; writing a report, article, or story. Brainstorming out loud and capture your thoughts on screen. Then edit by voice or mouse and keyboard; and Typing up notes from a meeting or class. Read your notes into a microphone.

You can use simple voice commands to revise and format text, move around your document, and control your computer. You can use your voice to start programs, open menus and click buttons, and browse the Web.

Ginger Software

This program offers a groundbreaking solution for automatic spelling and grammar checks. The software is a proofreading tool that detects and corrects errors in English grammar and spelling based on the context of the sentence. Ginger’s on-line spell checker is able to correct the most severe and unusual spelling errors as well as typos and misused words. The on-line grammar checker identifies and corrects a large variety of grammar errors including many that are not corrected by other tools. Now you can finally grammar check your text and rest assured that your mistakes will be found and fixed.

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Inspiration (Visual learning, thinking and writing skills)

In Inspiration you think and learn visually. Inspiration provides you with the tools to create a picture of your ideas or concepts in the form of a diagram. Writing proficiency is improved by the use of graphic organizers to develop and organize ideas at the start of the writing process.

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JAWS (Screen Reading)

JAWS provides speech technology that works with the Windows operating system to access popular software applications and the Internet. Information from the screen is read aloud, providing technology to access a wide variety of information, education and job related applications. JAWS is a great companion with Braille displays.

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WYNN (Literacy, educational & typing)

WYNN is a Reading, Writing, and Studying tool. WYNN reads documents, e-mail and internet text aloud, moving the cursor along as it reads. The write button allows you to switch to edit mode, once you have selected edit mode you can type directly into the document on the screen, make changes in a document or create a document from scratch.  The study tools in WYNN allow the user to access the dictionary and thesaurus, bookmark, highlight words or spell a word out loud and break the word into syllables.

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Zoomtext (Screen Magnification)

Zoomtext is low vision software featuring magnification and screen reading for the individuals who are visually impaired. Window programs are magnified from 2x to 16x, and spoken to you as you do your work. ZoomText speaks all on-screen text, including menus, dialog boxes, controls, and echoes keyboard typing by character or word.

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