Resources for Students with Disabilities

Recognizing Disabilities.  Enhancing Possibilities. 

The LTC's Office of Learning Resources (OLR) focus is to provide all students with disabilities an equitable opportunity to participate freely and actively in all areas of university life. This information can help you learn how to access our programs and services.


Our office is dedicated to keeping all personal student information confidential and complies with the standards set by the Family Education Records and Privacy Act (FERPA), applicable federal and/or state law and university practice.  Disability information will be maintained by our office in a secure environment. 

Accommodation Information

Information on our accommodations page will help you learn how to request accommodations. This includes information about the interactive accommodation process, non-academic accommodations (housing, parking, etc.), academic accommodations and communication with faculty, testing accommodations and alternative formats, etc.  Information is also available for accommodations in UD supported programs not addressed on campus such as internship, practicum and student teaching; remote campus locations and study abroad.

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Assistive Technology

The Office of Learning Resources offers a variety of assistive technology for select students with disabilities to utilize for studying and testing accommodations. OLR offers technical training for eligible students on specific programs supported by OLR as well as resources for select free and open-source technology.

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Transition Information

For students with disabilities, a big factor in their successful transition to post-secondary education is accurate knowledge about their disability and their rights /responsibilities. Being aware of the differences in K-12 and college environments as well as the college level expectations can help better prepare you for a successful transition. This page will share information you may want to consider as you search for the right post-secondary education location.

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Additional Resources for Students with Disabilities

As a resource for students, faculty, staff and the community, OLR has additional information that may be of benefit.  This page will share information the University of Dayton established policies and guidelines, our Handbook for Students with Disabilities, information about emergency evacuation planning, etc. 

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