Sample Accommodations

Eligibility for accommodations is made on a case-by-case basis. This is a sample list and is not all-inclusive nor appropriate for every student. It is important to remember that the accommodation cannot alter the fundamental aspects of a course or program.


  • Ability to take breaks as needed
  • Alternative formats for classroom materials and textbooks
  • Change of classroom to an accessible location
  • Copies of materials electronically displayed in class (not instructor’s private notes)
  • Faculty facing the class when speaking and/or wearing an assisted listening device
  • Permission to tape record lectures (student must provide their own device)
  • Preferential seating in the classroom
  • Use of sign language interpreters/C-Printers or similar transcription service


  • Adaptive equipment, if necessary
  • Individual orientations to laboratory and equipment
  • Lab assistant, if necessary
  • Labeling all tools and materials, if necessary, in Braille, large print, or other formats


  • Provision to take breaks, if necessary and appropriate to the student’s disability
  • Reduced distraction exam environment (no environment is totally distraction free)
  • Time extension on exams
  • Use of assistive technology for accessing and completing exams

Internships / Practicum / Student Teaching

OLR recognizes that internships, practicums and student teaching offer an important learning environment for students. In many cases, the student and the faculty or site coordinator can work together to address general accommodations. As appropriate, OLR would be happy to assist the student or faculty in the process of determining appropriate accommodations for this learning environment. It is recommended that planning begin one term prior to your scheduled experience. 

Remote Campus Studies

Students with disabilities, who because of the nature of the University of Dayton program, policy, or deadline, may conduct the initial interactive process for reasonable accommodation meeting over the phone for those students who attend University of Dayton academic programs at remote sites and require reasonable accommodations. Students at remote campus sites should contact the Office of Learning Resources (OLR) to facilitate reasonable accommodations. 

Study Abroad

The University of Dayton offers a wide range of campus learning experiences. UD currently have exchange programs available for students to study in several foreign countries. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to plan early for these opportunities. It is important to note that programs which are supported by University of Dayton, like Study Abroad, may also be appropriate for approved academic accommodations. However, not all programs affiliated with Study Abroad are experienced in providing reasonable accommodations. In many cases, accommodations do not apply to these countries as they are not covered by the United Stated mandated legislation nor do they have similar legislation in their country. Students are encouraged to communicate their plans to study abroad early so that we can discuss potential methods to address reasonable accommodations.

Learn more at Center for International Programs >>

Housing / Residence Life

  • Accessible features in living environment
  • Close proximity to campus
  • Dietary supports
  • Service animal (as defined by the ADA)
  • Technology for emergency notifications i.e. strobe light for fire alarm


  • Campus Shuttle
  • Disability parking (with state issued placard)
  • Medical Escort