Faculty Information

  • It is students responsibility to schedule their tests as close to the class exam time as possible. However, as a result of their accommodations, it may not be possible to take the exam at the same time as your class.
  • If the student needs Assistive Technology or other resources that cannot be provided by the instructor/professor, the tests will be administered in OLR.
  • In order to allow adequate time to coordinate testing in OLR, please submit your test to disabilitytesting@udayton.edu at least 2 days ahead of scheduled exam time.
    • If you know the test cannot be provided 2 days in advance, please let us know when to expect the test and how it will be delivered.
  • In order to administer tests, OLR needs the following information:
    • Amount of time the class allowed to complete the test
    • If the test open book or open note
    • What materials are allowed during the test? (i.e., calculator, dictionary/thesaurus, formula sheet, note card). Please be specific.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of this student. As a reminder, a completed test will be delivered to your department office after 3 pm each day; unless you request that we hold the exam for pick up. Tests completed after 3 pm will be delivered the next business day.

Student Information

  • Bring your student ID to show before beginning your test.
  • Arrive for your test on time. Remember, like taking an exam in class, your time starts at the scheduled start time. If you arrive late, time is not added to the end of your exam period.
  • Be ready to leave all non-test materials in the Testing Office. This includes cell phones, book bags, purses and hats!

General Information

Office of Learning Resources takes every precaution to ensure test integrity is maintained. We do not keep a copy of the test. While every effort is made to provide accommodations to students registered with OLR, late test requests require authorization from both faculty and OLR Testing staff.