Submission Requests

If you represent an organization and would like us to add information to our page, please consider the following.

  • Third party information about disability services is generally posted on our Additional Resources page (
  • We will generally link to a general page within your organization.  From there the student can find other information about the services you offer. We have found that this is the most logical action so that students do not end up at the same page multiple times.
  • Every effort is being made to address accessibility features within web content.  Accessibility is important on many levels and we recognize the need to address this on all web-based content.  Any request we receive will be evaluated by the Wave Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool powered by WebAIM (  We would encourage you to check your site with this accessibility checker before sending a request to our office to add information to our website.  If there are extensive errors with respect to accessibility features, we may be unable to provide the link on our website.
  • All disability requests should be sent to If you have specific language that you would like to use for the description of your website, please include this in the email.  Descriptions need to be short and no longer than 2-3 sentences.  If the information is not consistent with the goals and missions of our office or the University of Dayton, we may be unable to provide the link on our website.
  • Our first priority is to our current and prospective students, faculty and staff at the University of Dayton.  As a result, we may not be able to address requests for additions to our website immediately.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for requests to be addressed.  This timeframe may be longer depending on the needs of our current and prospective students.