Alternative Testing Information for Faculty

For students with disabilities who have approved accommodations for alternative testing, you may make arrangements to accommodate them within your department or they may take their quizzes, exams, and/or finals in the Office of Learning Resources' (OLR) Testing Center. The questions below may answer questions you have about testing accommodations.

Please read the Office of Learning Resources (OLR) Academic Honor Code Guidelines regarding accommodations and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do for students who Only need extended time and distraction reduced settings?
  • It is perfectly acceptable if you and the student agree that a space in the department is sufficient for distraction-reduced testing and extended time. Otherwise the student may schedule to take their test in the OLR Testing Center.
  • Students must schedule their exams to be taken in the Testing Center through AIM by 8:00 AM at least three business days in advance.
  • If a student reschedules an exam, your approval is required. Please email your approval to the Testing Center.
What do I do for students who need assistive technology or other approved accommodations to take a test (screen readers, interpreters, etc)?
  • The OLR Testing center can accommodate students with disabilities who require specialized accommodations such as screen readers, scribes (writers), adaptive equipment, interpreters for the hearing impaired, or specialized computer software to access information and complete tests.
What are the guidelines for students to schedule tests?

Final Exams
  • Final exams must be scheduled through AIM at least three weeks in advance but no later than the deadline announced by the Testing Center.
  • Final exams taken with OLR are scheduled using a block system: 9:00 AM for final exams with a start time between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM; 1:00 PM for final exams with a start time between 12:01 PM and 4:30 PM; 3:45 PM for final exams starting after 4:30 PM.
  • If a student requests accommodations outside of the above time frame, the request will be accommodated at the discretion of the faculty and OLR.
What if a student forgot to schedule a test within the established timeline?
  • Neither the professor nor OLR is obligated to provide academic accommodations if the student fails to make the request in a timely fashion, as outlined in the established guidelines. If the student neglects to schedule a test or made a late decision to use accommodations, their first step should be to speak with you, the professor, to determine if you are in agreement with provision of the accommodation given the late test request. If you are in agreement, you can discuss with the student how and where the accommodations can be addressed.
  • If you are in agreement, but the student needs to use OLR for administration of the test, the student must communicate with OLR Staff via phone or face-to-face to determine if OLR can provide the student's requested accommodation. If OLR can provide accommodations, the student is responsible to secure written verification from you, the professor, that the late test is approved. This written verification must e-mailed to the Testing Center. In addition, the student must work with you to ensure timely delivery of the test to OLR.
  • If OLR is unable to accommodate the late request, the student is expected to take the test with their class or make other arrangements with you.
Why might a student request a test time different from the class time?
  • Students are encouraged to schedule the test as close to the original test time as the class. Should extra time be indicated as a necessary accommodation, the student may need to schedule a different time and/or day, other than the class time. This can prevent them from missing a class scheduled immediately before or after their regular class time when a test is being administered. The test will be scheduled at the time requested by the student. We encourage all students to communicate these needs in advance directly with their faculty. Test times are communicated to faculty via e-mail when tests are scheduled with OLR. If you have questions regarding the different test time, you are encouraged to contact the student directly. If a change in the test time is necessary, the student is to complete an on-line rescheduling test form.
  • The University of Dayton's Final Exam Policy indicates: "When a student with a disability has two or more final exams scheduled for the same day, faculty are encouraged to accommodate the individual student on an alternative day agreeable to both the student and the instructor which may include use of an alternative testing site. The student must make the request by the last scheduled class meeting."
  • OLR utilizes block scheduling starting at 9:00 AM (for final exams with a start time between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM) and 1:00 PM (for final exams with a start time in between 12:01 PM and 4:30 PM). Prior arrangements can be made for final exams that are scheduled during the evening hours (for final exams with a start time 4:31 PM or later). If scheduled appropriately OLR will make every effort to meet the student's requested test time based on staff, proctor, testing space availability.
How do I get the test to OLR?
  • The most convenient and efficient method is to submit the exam through AIM at
  • If necessary, you can e-mail the exam to
  • If neither of those are an option, you or another authorized staff person may deliver the test to the OLR Testing Center in Albert Emmanuel 002. 
How do I get the test back from OLR after the student is finished?
  • OLR will deliver completed tests to the respective Dean's office for the Schools of Business, Education, and Engineering. All other exams will be delivered to the appropriate department's office.
  • Tests will be delivered after 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. Tests completed after 3:00 PM will be returned to the next business day around 3:00 PM.
  • All tests delivered by OLR require a signature from the department or dean's office.
What steps are taken to ensure confidentiality of the test?
  • Strictest confidentiality and handling of test materials is followed by OLR.
  • All tests are maintained in a locked file with very limited access.
  • No copy or master is kept on file once the test is completed. If faculty has multiple sections and students taking the same test, faculty must advise OLR with specific names of all students taking the identified test.

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