UDI 055: Becoming a Mindful Learner

UDI 055 (formerly known as ARCC) is a seven-week, 1-credit hour learning course that gives students the opportunity to increase their capacity to become mindful learners. Mindful learners attend to three areas of personal development: awareness, aptitude, and action. Students in UDI 055 will further develop their capacity to increase their:

  1. Awareness as learners by reflecting, appreciating, and utilizing their experiences;

  2. Aptitude by learning concepts and strategies to become resourceful learners; and

  3. Action through motivation and responsibility by creating plans for personal and academic growth.

Students will answer, “How do you identify as a learner? How can you achieve personal and academic success in UD’s learning community?” Any student interested in becoming a more mindful learner is encouraged to enroll. Additionally, students on academic probation or who have a GPA of 2.00 or below are encouraged and welcome to enroll.

Students will attend a minimum of five coaching sessions throughout the course of the semester. Through academic coaching and our course design, student’s areas of strength and challenge emerge. Coaching encourages and guides students 1-on-1 to reaching their full potential.

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UDI 055 Inquiry Form

UDI 055 Inquiry Form

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