Need a Form? Look no Further

This page includes online forms frequently used for the Office of Learning Resources (OLR).  If you have any difficulty with our forms or can't find the form you are looking for, please give us a call at 937-229-2066.  Our team will be happy to help you out.

Applicant rating Form for Faculty

Our office relies on faculty recommendations for our various position.  If you are a faculty member and have been asked to rate a student applicant for a position in our office, please complete this online form.

Review our position descriptions >>
Complete the online rating form >>

ARCC Inquiry Form

ARCC | Academic Renewal Course and Coaching Program
Interested in learning more about learning? This one (1) credit, seven-week learning course (DEV 055) will help you enhance your current approaches to learning and studying. The course includes one-on-one academic coaching. Complete our inquiry form to reserve a seat or to learn more about the course. Limited seats available.

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Consultation Form

If you plan to schedule, or have already scheduled, a student consultation or academic coaching session, please complete this form before your scheduled meeting with a staff member. 

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Department Learning Support Update Form

At the beginning of each semester, we ask that all departments who offer regularly scheduled learning support submit updated information for the semester using this form.  Please submit this form as many times as needed to report changes or new offerings during the semester. Please complete the following fields.  Questions?  Please feel free to call us at 937-229-2066.

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Disability and Testing Accommodation Forms

For more information about disability resources, please visit the Disability Resources Section of our website.  

If you are looking for accommodations at UDCI, please complete the UDCI specific form.

Initial Accommodation Requests

Initial / First time accommodation requests:  If you are a student who is interesting in discussing academic, housing or parking accommodations for the first time, please follow the link for Initial Accommodation Request below. This link only needs to be completed once as all on-going requests are addressed through the Accommodation Letters process referenced below.

Initial Accommodation Request>>

Accommodation Letters for Returning Students: Returning students are asked to complete an Accommodation Letter request through Accommodate™, the disability services database.  The link below will allow you to log into the system using your UD username and password.  Once in the system, you can request accommodations from your approved list.  Once processed, the Accommodation Letters will be sent via email for all students who have had accommodations for at least two semesters.  If you are a first or second semester user, you will need to meet with disability staff in OLR to receive your accommodation letters.

Request Accommodation Letters for the Semester >>
Instructions for use of Accommodate™ to request Accommodation Letters (pdf) >>

Alternative format forms

Students who are approved for alternative formats must request specific material each semester.  Please be sure to identify your desired format and method of delivery for each textbook.

Request Alternative Formats or E-text >>
Cancel Alternative Formats or E-text >>
Self-Service Alternative Formats SensusAccess >>

Course Substitution
Students who wish to discuss course substitution or waiver should complete the form below and schedule an appointment to discuss their request. 

Request Course Substitution / Waiver >>

Furniture Accommodations

Students who are need furniture accommodations specific to their disability must request a request each semester. 

Request Furniture Accommodations >>

Testing Accommodations

These forms are for registered and approved students with disabilities. For more information on testing accommodations, please visit the Disability Resources Section.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 11:00 am is the deadline to schedule final exams.  Requests after this date cannot be honored.

Schedule a quiz, test or exam >>
Cancel your scheduled exam >>
Reschedule your exam >>

Wednesday December 2, 2015 at 11:00 am is the deadline to schedule final exams.  Requests after this date cannot be honored.

Schedule your final exams >>

Learning Connections Inquiry Form

Learning Connections (UDI 149)
In this two (2) credit course, international students explore research on learning and neuroscience. The course requires students to make connections between this content and their past and present learning experiences.  The goal of the course is to further develop students' approaches to studying and to enhance their learning in American college classes.  Limited seats available.

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Self-Service Alternative Format Option

SensusAccess software is now available through OLR's website.  This allows a University of Dayton employee the ability to transform a document(s) into a format that is accessible to students with disabilities.  It is also available to a University of Dayton student with a documented disability to convert documents independently.  The goal is to increase accessibility and independence of all users.

Use self-service options >>

Tutoring by Appointment

Appointment Tutoring for All Students
Tutoring by appointment is available for the courses listed below during the fall and spring semesters.  If you are currently enrolled in one of these courses and are interested in scheduling a tutoring session, you can complete our online request form.  We are unable to guarantee that a tutor can be found for each requested and approved course. This service does not begin until the second week of the semester. 

Arabic (all language courses)
Chinese (all language courses)
Communications 100
French (all language courses)
German (all language courses)
Italian (all language courses)
Latin (all language courses)
Psychology 101
Russian (100 level language courses)
Spanish (all language courses)
Sociology 101

Complete a tutor request form now for your course >>

Students with Disabilities
Scheduled tutoring appointments may be requested by registered and pre-approved students with disabilities.  Approvals for these requests are determined by our office. We are unable to guarantee that a Tutor can be found for each requested and approved course. 
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Student Athletes
All current student athletes have the ability to schedule tutoring by appointment through Tutor Trac. This form should only be completed if a Tutor is not listed for a specific course in Tutor Trac. Approvals for these requests are determined by the Office of Academic Services for Student Athletes (OASSA).
Complete a tutor request form now for student athletes  >>


UDCI Request Forms

If you are taking courses at UDCI, these forms can be utilized to request accommodations and tutoring support.

UDCI Accommodation Letter Request >>
UDCI Test Accommodation Request >>
UDCI Alternative Format Request >>

UDCI Tutoring Request >>