UDCI Testing Accommodation Request

Exams and Tests Occurring During the Semester

Testing accommodations may include, but are not limited to, extended time, distraction reduced testing environment, and adaptive equipment.  UDCI staff will assist qualified students with disabilities when accommodations cannot be provided through instructors. Tests should be completed during office hours.  Photo ID is required at time of test.  By default, any student testing with accommodations outside the classroom will receive a distraction reduced environment.

All test accommodations must be discussed with your instructor before you scheduled with UDCI Staff.  Failure to speak with your instructor may result in denial of your request.

Exams during the semester should be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance.  At a minimum, all exams must be scheduled by 8:00 am 2 business days in advance.  

  • Failure to address advanced scheduling may result in denial of your request.
  • Use one form for each test/exam.
  • All requested accommodations require pre-approval and will be verified.
  • Any special instructions (i.e. open book, calculator, etc.) must be sent by the instructor in writing to udci@udayton.edu or delivered to designated UDCI staff.
  • Please be prompt.  Your test end time will NOT be extended if you are late.

**Exams should be scheduled as close to class exam time as possible without missing another class.

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