Voluntary Medical Withdrawal

A withdrawal can be considered a “medical withdrawal” if a student cannot continue in classes or finish academic requirements during a term for reasons related to the student’s physical and/or mental health. In most cases, a medical withdrawal will be a withdrawal from all courses in which the student is registered, though partial withdrawals may be appropriate in some cases.

Please note:

  • A request for medical withdrawal is not a guarentee.  The information provided will be reviewed and a formal decision will be issued.
  • The medical withdrawal process does not dismiss/waive any legal, disciplinary, housing, meal plan, or other student responsibilities to the university.

Please remember, a student can withdraw from individual classes during the semester through the regular withdrawal options outlined on the Flyer Student Services Registration page (https://udayton.edu/fss/registration/index.php).  

We encourage any student who is considering a voluntary medical withdrawal to speak with someone in their Dean's office to determine all of their options before making a final decision.

To request a medical withdrawal, complete all fields in the form below. Every effort will be made to assist you and your family through what we know can be a very difficult time in your lives. If you have not done so already, you may want to consult with your Dean’s Office or the LTC’s Office of Learning Resources about the medical withdrawal process or an problems you may have providing the information requested. For more information on the voluntary medical withdrawal process, please refer to the web page for more information about Voluntary Medical Withdrawal >>

Student Information

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* If you are an international student, what are your residency plans?

Withdrawal Information

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* Do you have documentation from your treating provider related to the medical withdrawal request? Please note this needs to be shared with OLR to aid in the decision making process.
* Did/Do you live in University Housing?

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