• Students complete an online instrument to evaluate faculty teaching.  The University of Dayton works with a company named CoursEval to run the assessment process—sending the SET instrument to students, reminding students to complete the instrument, collecting the results, and reporting the results to instructors.

  • Students are sent directions on how to complete the instrument and who to contact at UD if they run into any technical difficulties.

  • The period to evaluate faculty teaching begins 10 days prior to the end of each term and ends the last day of the term.  Students cannot complete the SET instrument after the last day of class.

  • Students who have not completed the SET instrument for a course are sent reminders periodically during the 10 day period.

  • Student anonymity in the evaluation process will be protected.

  • If an instructor wishes to conduct SET during a class period, students must bring a laptop computer, tablet pc, smart phone or a similar device with them.  The instructor must provide students ample time to complete the evaluation and may not be present in the room while the students complete it.

  • The SET instrument contains 8 statements about the course which students respond to using a 5 point Likert-type scale.  There are 4 additional open-ended questions.  Students respond to these 12 core items in every class they take at UD.  Deans, working with the Coordinator of SET in the LTC, can add additional prompts or questions for courses in their unit.

  • SET results are available for review the day after final grades are officially posted.  Dissemination of the results should follow department procedures.

  • Instructors are able to download and save SET results.

Login to SET

To access the SET click here and login: Link to CoursEval

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