Student F.A.Q.

Why is it important for me to evaluate the teaching in every class I take at UD?

Results of these evaluations are reviewed by instructors, department chairs, and other administrators.  Instructors use the feedback to improve their teaching, and administrators use it as one source of information for merit, retention, promotion, tenure, and other administrative decisions.  UD strongly encourages students to offer their input but does not mandate that students complete evaluations - however, the data from evaluations is used to improve courses.  Your input matters!

What is the procedure for student evaluation of teaching (SET) at UD?

Undergraduate and graduate students at UD complete their teaching evaluations online during a designated time period starting ten days prior to the final class meeting.  Most students will complete the SET instrument outside of class, though some instructors may set aside time for you to complete it in class.

When does SET take place?

You will be able to complete SET starting ten days prior to the last day of class.  You will receive a survey announcement by email and you will have ten days to complete the surveys.  Your teacher may choose to take time to complete the survey during class - consult your syllabus or professor to determine whether you will have this option.  After the last day of class, SET closes.

Will I evaluate the teaching in every course I take at UD?

With very few exceptions, you will evaluate the teaching in every course you take at UD.  Low enrollment classes may not be surveyed.

When do my teachers see the results of SET?

SET results will be available to teachers 24 hours after final grades are officially posted.  Teachers will not see SET results until after grades are posted.

Will my anonymity be preserved with the SET procedure?

You will have to login to the SET web site using your UD username and password to ensure that you receive the correct SET instruments, but none of your responses will be associated with your login information.  All evaluations will be anonymous.  The University is committed to ensuring that student responses on SET remain anonymous.

Do I have to complete SET in class or can I do it outside of class?

You can complete SET online outside of class.  However, in some cases teachers may want you to complete SET online in class.  If this is the case, the teacher must leave the room while you complete the SET instrument.

What devices can I use to complete SET?

You will complete SET on your laptop or desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, or similar device linking you to the Internet.

If I start to evaluate the teaching in a course and do not finish, can I save my work and return to it later?

Yes.  If you begin to evaluate the teaching in a course and are interrupted before you finish, you can return to it later by clicking the “Save Progress and Return” button.  Your earlier responses will still be there, and you can complete the remaining prompts.

After I complete a survey, can I return to it and make changes during the open evaluation period?

Yes, you can re-open a SET survey for any course you are taking and change your answers until the last day of class.  On the SET web site, you would need to click the link labeled “Completed Surveys.”  SET closes the last day of class.

How do I know that I have completed my surveys?

When you login to the evaluation site, you will see a list of surveys for each of the classes you are registered for.  As you complete each survey it will be moved from the list onto a separate page that can be seen by clicking the label “Completed Surveys.”

Can I evaluate the teaching in a course after the last day of classes?

No, you cannot evaluate the teaching in a course after the last day of class.

Why didn't I receive an email about SET?

The system sends automatic emails to the official email address issued to you by UD.  If you do not get any messages, you may have a spam filter that is blocking the email.  Please check your junk mail folder and spam protection settings.  If you are using a non-UD issued email account, you need to check your UD email account or to set your UD email to be forwarded to your personal account.  You can still log into the system at any time by following the login link on this site.  Remember to use your UD issued username and password to access the site.

Why are some of my classes not listed?

Departments do not request evaluations for every class, especially if the class has low enrollment or does not involve a group of students (e.g. independent study, thesis or dissertations, internships etc.).

If I run into trouble accessing or completing the SET instrument, who do I contact?

If you encounter technical problems with the SET instrument, contact the UDit Service Center at 937-229-3888 or send an email to

In a team-taught course, will I evaluate the teaching of each instructor individually?

Yes.  In a team-taught course, you will evaluate the teaching of each instructor individually.

Were students involved in creating the SET instrument and procedures?

Yes.  There was student involvement on the committee that proposed the SET instrument and procedures.  Student views were also solicited and acted on when the committee conducted pilot tests of the instrument at UD.

Login to SET

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