English Language Learners

ELL is an acronym for English Language Learners. This term is used to reflect that learning a language is an ongoing process and that for many international students, English is a third, fourth, or even fifth language -- not a second language as the term ESL (English as a Second Language) previously intimated.

To serve our ELL clientele struggling with writing English, we have 3 Language Facilitators on staff. These consultants are Chinese-speaking and can host a one-on-one session or can provide assistance to an English-speaking consultant working with a Chinese-speaking student. Please note, the session will be hosted in English and you will be encouraged to participate in English. The role of the Language Facilitator is to offer clarity and work on common issues that Chinese students often encounter when writing in English.

We hope to add an Arabic-speaking Language Facilitator to our team. If you are interested or know someone with strong English writing skills, please visit our Become a Consultant page.

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