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If you're working on a thesis or an extensive research paper, consider making a standing appointment.

Often, papers exceeding 10 - 12 pages are difficult to review thoroughly during one session at the Write Place. We encourage you to consider making a standing appointment with a consultant to go through the paper in smaller sections. Write Place Consultants have had great success with students who come once or twice a week for an extended period of time. Not only do consultants learn the writing style of the student, but students more intimately discover their own aims for that paper. Both of these occurrences help students become better writers.

If you do not see a lengthy paper in your future but like the idea of weekly appointments to strengthen your writing over the course of the semester, please consider our Writing Coaching program. More information can be found under the Faculty Resources tab or email the Write Place Coordinator, Christina Klimo at cklimo1@udayton.edu

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