Pro Deo et Patria

#5: There’s risk – and reward

Our plan relies on financial aid to keep net price flat, which is more flexible than locking in differential tuition each year. However, this approach shifts financial risks from students to the University. That means we have to think differently about rising costs and plan accordingly. But looking at the impact on graduation rates, student borrowing and accessibility to college, it’s clear that transparent pricing makes a huge difference for students and families. It also benefits the University, as increased retention and graduation rates lead to increased tuition revenue.

#3: Communication is key

This approach only works if families understand what the tuition plan means — and how it benefits them. From recruitment materials and admission presentation to acceptance letter and financial aid award, we consistently and clearly highlight that our approach involves no tuition increases and no fees — and offers families peace of mind when it comes to cost.

#4: Transparency is about the entire experience

Rather than just focusing on tuition and fees, we aim to make the entire college experience accessible to families. In 2014, we began offering a $3,000 scholarship to support study abroad experiences, and students can also study in China, Ireland and Spain for the same cost as a semester on campus. Among students under this plan, this strategy has led to a 15 percent increase in study abroad overall — and a 65 percent increase for relatively lower income families. 

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