Experiential Learning

Meet Professor Experience.

At the University of Dayton, we know that practical, hands-on learning requires, well, practice.

Across all of our 80+ majors, our academics are challenging. Not just for the sake of it, but because there are real challenges that need to be met. To meet these challenges, UD students are constantly engaged in the world around them, whether it’s through research, service-learning, education abroad, internships or co-ops.

Here, the focus isn’t just on earning a top GPA. It’s about developing training and curriculum materials to support the new Wasambo High School in Malawi – a nation where only 18 percent of primary school graduates continue on to high school. It’s about gaining experience as a portfolio manager, by managing and investing $30 million of the University’s endowment. It’s about working on a solar refrigeration project to keep vaccines from spoiling during blackouts in rural India. It’s about students making a difference right now, as undergraduates.

When graduation arrives, UD students are not entering the real world for the first time. They are already a part of it, fully prepared for their careers – and future lives.

Our favorite classroom? The world.

See how students combine their knowledge and passions to serve the common good.

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