We have developed a holistic industry relationship that benefits the companies, the community, the University and our students. 

— John Leland, vice president for research

5 Tips on Successful Industry Partnerships

While industry partnerships have some inherent challenges, there are a few things universities can do to avoid common pitfalls.

  1. Develop a shared vision – and an arrangement that provides value for both sides.
  2. Make intellectual property agreements and publishing policies both transparent and flexible.
  3. Be expedient in negotiating contractual agreements with companies – industry often moves at a faster pace than academia.
  4. Stay agile and keep an open mind. Flexibility by faculty members and researchers alike is key in meeting the partner’s needs.
  5. Think – and act – collaboratively. Look through the lens of what’s best for the company – not just what’s best for the university.


Eric Spina, President [email]
John Leland, Vice President for Research [email]

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