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There is so much to love about UD.

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Here are five things we know you'll love when you come visit - but there could be so many more!

1. The Mural Wall
Every year we ask our admitted students to tell us how they want to change the world, and we're always so inspired by the responses. You'll find the wall in the lobby when you arrive for your tour. 

2. The Tour Guides
Did you know you can get to know UD's tour guides before you even arrive? Like Taniayah, who says she came to UD because of "the small size of campus but the big school feel, the many resources that the school offered, and everyone seemed so nice."

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Learn more about the tour guides.

3. The Community
At the University of Dayton, 85 percent of our students live on campus all four years, and community is an important part of the UD experience. One way UD students share that community is to give each other some motivation for their day by hanging messages on sheets on their porches. Like these ...

4. Learning about Affordability
Every campus visitor learns about our transparent tuition plan, which guarantees your tuition will stay the same all four years. There are no tuition increases and no fees. Plus we offer scholarships for textbooks and studying abroad.

5. Campus!
You'll see right away why our students are among the happiest in the nation. UD is a place that always feels like home. 

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