UD Summer Appalachia Program (2008-present)

BT and the Community at Mine Fork

The kids, the teens, the folks in the nursing home--all have been blessed by the communities of UDSAPers each summer!  Read on!

Intense Community

<p>by&amp;#160;Bro. Mark Motz, SM - UDSAP '09</p> <p>UDSAP is more&amp;#160;"togetherness"&amp;#160;than most people ever experience. But Community is so much more than just "togetherness".&amp;#160; Community is more than shared experience.&amp;#160; Community is more than a title we give ourselves that means more than just housemates.</p>

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UDSAP 2010 video

Finding Peace and Love

<p>by&amp;#160;Michelle Perusek &amp;#160;UDSAP '09</p> <p>I remember sitting in the Love Room our first week there, staring around at all of the quotes from different generations of UDSAPers, as BT led our group in a reflection about the culture shock we were experiencing. Little did I know then, but that culture shock would take a huge turn nine weeks later, as I returned to mainstream America.</p>

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Personal Statement for College Application

<p>by James Crace</p> <p>As a child I learned how to be free and have fun without focusing on my tough home life. As a teen I learned respect, love, and how to open up because they would intently listen.&amp;#160;</p>

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UDSAP 2011

That Summer

<p>by Charissa Qui &amp;#160;UDSAP '11</p> <p>That summer, I lay beside the shade of a tree, borrowing the blanket of warmth from the sun to dry off the evidence of the creek where I learned to skip my first rock. Next to me lay a little girl way beyond her years, who spoke empathy and acceptance with her eyes, compassion and love with her touch, and who taught me self-love, innocence and resilience with her laughter and her joy.</p>

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UDSAP 2012


<p>by Morgan (Groh) Gaerke &amp;#160;UDSAP '11</p> <p>I still crave showering in the lake, living with people that became my best friends, going on&amp;#160;midnight&amp;#160;adventures, having life chats, hugging those kids when they came to us. I crave swinging on the porch swing drinking tea. I crave being frustrated, growing in such immense ways, seeing God shine so brightly. I crave time with those kids, running wild and free with them, picking blackberries, going swimming, doing crafts.</p>

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UDSAP 2013

Service in Reverse

<p>by Brian Gaerke UDSAP '12&amp;#160;</p> <p>"What is UDSAP?" is one of the hardest questions I have ever had to answer. Only those who have spent the summer in Salyersville really know, and even then no one answer will be the same.&amp;#160;</p>

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