Position Descriptions and Outcomes

Graduate Assistant Position Descriptions

Ten Campus Ministry Graduate Assistants serve the campus community in the areas below.  See the links below for current ministry descriptions.  Position availability rotates according to the following schedule

Start Year for Positions


Residence Life Ministry (3 positions)


Residence Life Ministry

Program Outcomes

As a Campus Ministry GA, you will encounter a broad range of ministerial experiences where you can develop professional ministerial competencies and practice the pastoral ministry skills you need to utilize your theological education in professional ministry. Through your campus ministry experience at UD, you will have the opportunity to:

• Develop your ability to work with a team
• Cultivate leadership in others
• Develop community among those you serve
• Improve your own leadership capabilities
• Plan, organize, and lead ministry programs
• Develop your pastoral care and small group leadership skills
• Plan and lead prayer and worship
• Learn how to respond appropriately and use resources in crises management situations
• Seek, evaluate, and utilize feedback from supervisors
• Appreciate and function in both program and presence modes of ministry
• Learn to set appropriate ministerial boundaries, manage time, and set priorities
• Develop an appreciation for and ability to maintain a personal spirituality as the basis for ministry
• Participate in theological reflection that enriches ministerial effectiveness
• Grow in your identity as a professional minister

Graduate Assistants will work with their ministry supervisor to assess these ministry competencies and skills identify learning objectives to address areas of needed growth, and design applications in ministry to practice and strengthen these skills and competencies.

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