Interfaith Engagement

Interested in learning more about the religious diversity of Dayton, or sharing in dialogue with other students? Campus Ministry offers programs in interfaith dialogue, including small groups, visits to places of worship, and other activities. To stay informed about upcoming events, sign up for the interfaith email newsletter and follow UD Interfaith on Facebook and Instagram.

In our religiously diverse society, interfaith engagement is an imperative as we get to know our neighbors and co-workers. But beyond this, interfaith engagement can help us grow in our own faith identity as we share our perspectives and learn about the views and practices of others.

Previous programs have included interfaith community service projects, dialogue luncheons, and visits to places of worship or religious practice across Dayton. New, upcoming programs include small interfaith dialogue groups, an interfaith retreat, as well as other individual events and activities throughout the year. Find out more about various regular programs in the tabs at left.

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Brad Seligmann

Campus Minister for Interfaith Engagement


Email: Brad Seligmann

Phone: 937.229.3550

Campus Ministry: Residence Life Ministry

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