Lent 2016: The Face of Mercy

The question resounds: “What are you ‘giving up’ for Lent?” And in response many wonder: Why should we “give up” things for Lent? What’s the point?

Lent is a period of sacrifice and fasting that breaks up our normal routine. When we reach for the ice cream, but then remember we are fasting from desserts, it provides an opportunity to remember that we commit this small sacrifice in solidarity with Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice He made for us. Giving up something we normally do on a daily or weekly basis encourages us to not just go through life on autopilot, but to think more critically about what we are doing and why we are doing it. As Pope Francis says, "Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.”

Lent is also about making time and space for God. Choosing to “give up” something means fasting from whatever it is - relationships, habits, places or things (media, music, technology) - that separates us from God or distracts us from being the best version of ourselves and living holy lives.

For Lent 2016, Campus Ministry invites you to engage in this Year of Mercy by seeking "The Face of Mercy." During this season, we recognize our sinfulness as humans, yet are reminded of our merciful God and how much He loves us. Even Pope Francis (pictured above) needs confession as a tool to reconcile with God. Take advantage of the many opportunities through Campus Ministry in which you can grow spiritually and seek the merciful face of Christ, one of faith, hope, and love.

Simultaneously, we seek to BE the Face of Mercy for others. It's a time to allow God to work through us to show mercy to the world through our daily actions.

"Mercy is the force that reawakens us to new life and instills in us the courage to look to the future with hope." -Pope Francis (Year of Mercy)

Praying that you are strengthened by the love and mercy of God this Lenten season.

Sunday Worship

February 14- March 20

Mass Times
Chapel of the Immaculate Conception: 10am, 6pm, 8pm
Holy Angels: 5pm (Saturday), 12pm

McGinnis Center: 9pm

Interdenominational Worship

Marianist Hall Chapel: 6pm


Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday- 11am-noon

Wednesday- 4:30-5:30pm

(when classes are in session)

3 O'Clock Marianist Prayer

Weekdays at 3pm

St. Mary's Courtyard (3 O'clock sculpture)

(when classes are in session)

Evening Prayer

Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

(except March 23)

Lenten Journey Groups

Lenten Journey Groups are small faith sharing groups will meet on a weekly basis for the Lenten season. If you are interested please sign up on our website at tinyurl.com/LentenJG. Groups are offered on Mondays 7-8:30pm, Tuesday 6:30-8pm, Wednesday 6:30-8pm (for Chi Rho and Phi Lambs only), and Thursdays 6-7:30pm.

Stations of the Cross

Friday, February 19, 4:30pm

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

Fish Fry

February 19, 5-8pm

KU Concourse (Ground Floor)

This FREE DINNER is sponsored by SGA and Campus Ministry. "They all ate and were satisfied." Luke 9:17

The Light is On

Tuesday, February 23, 7pm

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

Parishes and churches around the country open up their doors for an evening of individual confession, reflection, and prayer. Join us in the Chapel!

Guided Journaling Retreat

March 4-6

Take some time away for yourself and be guided through individual reflection using different journaling methods.  This retreat will involve some communal sharing and meals together, but will be much more focused on the individual and providing different experiences of prayer through journaling and spiritual guidance.

Open to: all traditional undergraduate students
Dates: March 4-6, 2016
Location: Governors Island, Indian Lake, OH
Cost: $40 if on or before February 19, 2016.  $50 after February 19.

Register now

Fees include all meals, lodging and supplies for the weekend. Transportation is also provided, if needed. Financial assistance is available on a first-come, first served basis.

For more information contact Mike Bennett.

Catholic Lenten Retreat

March 11-13

How is Christ calling you this Lent?  Where is God leading you through the Lenten journey?  Come and explore these questions and more as you encounter God's grace in the Catholic Sacraments, grow in your understanding of the Catholic faith life, and be inspired to more actively live your Catholic faith.

Open to: All Students
Dates: March 11-13, 2016
Location: Maria Stein Retreat Center
Cost: $40 on or before February 24, 2016.  $50 after February 24.

Register now

Fees include all meals, lodging and supplies for the weekend. Transportation is also provided, if needed. Financial assistance is available on a first-come, first served basis.

For more information contact Kelly Adamson.

Taizé Prayer & Reconciliation Service

TUesday, March 15, 8PM

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

All are welcome and encouraged to attend this prayerful Lenten service, which includes music in the style of the monks of Taizé, France. The service also includes the opportunity for the sacrament of individual reconciliation with one of several Marianist priests.

Romero Stations of the Cross

Tuesday, March 22, 12:30pm

Beginning in Nazareth Courtyard

Support Marianist Programs Abroad through Almsgiving

This Lenten season, there will be a campus-wide almsgiving effort to benefit five important Marianist programs overseas. Money collected will be given to Our Lady of Nazareth School in Kenya, MIRACLE in Malawi, the REDS program in India, Chaminade Health Care Center in India, and Rural Health Care Center in Togo. All five programs serve the needs of the poor, through education, encouragement, and meeting basic needs.

Look for ways to contribute and participate in the Lenten Challenge of Almsgiving.

Ways To Donate

There will be collection containers around campus throughout Lent.

Donate anytime in Campus Ministry, Liberty Hall room 101 or 107.  We take cash or checks made out to “Marianist Mission”.

Donate online at http://www.marianist.com/donate/UDgives

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