The Wedding Celebration

Since the celebration of marriage is an event for the whole church, and especially for the parish community, the liturgical celebration will express the faith of the Catholic Church and the local customs of the parish.

The choice of prayers, readings, exchange of consent, blessing of rings, nuptial blessing and the homily all express this same faith. Any music chosen for the wedding should express the faith of the church in the mystery that is being celebrated. It should be appropriate for a liturgical celebration.

In order to make sure that your wedding is a beautiful celebration of faith, contact the Campus Minister for Liturgical Music at 937-229-2052. Please contact him if you wish to bring in additional musicians or vocalists as well. But even with other musicians, our music director needs to be present.

You are welcome to have photos taken during your wedding. We ask that the photographer speak with the coordinator prior to the ceremony.

You are free to purchase flowers for the church if you so desire.

  • However, in light of the restoration, many people find no need for any flowers. At certain times of the year, the church is specially decorated and no more flowers would be needed, i.e. Christmas and Easter.
  • If you do decide to purchase flowers, you are asked to take the flowers with you when you leave church.
  • Also, please make sure all decorations such as pew bows, etc. are removed immediately after the wedding. 
  • Because weekends in the church are so very busy, we are asking everyone to leave the church just as they found it so that the space can be ready for the next baptism, wedding, or Mass. Thank you so much for your cooperation.
  • We ask that no flower petals, confetti, rice, or bird seed be thrown either inside or outside of the church.

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