Sophomore Journey Groups

What:  The second year experience can be a challenging one, in which students begin to question and come into their own understandings of faith, life, and relationships.  Sophomore Journey Groups are small faith sharing communities that meet once a week for 5-7 weeks during the first semester of Sophomore year that explore the challenges that come along with being a second year student.  These groups are put together by Campus Ministry, but led and run by students. 

Who: Sophomore Journey Groups are for just that, Sophomores!  

When: These groups take place during the first semester of your sophomore year, and meet once a week for an hour and a half.  Times and days are set by the leaders of the groups, but when students register, they can indicate which group they would like to sign up for. 

Where:  Journey Groups meet in various locations, but all are good places for conversation and faith sharing. 

Other:  Leaders will be trained before the Journey Groups start, and will be in communication with Meaghan Crowley and Calla Couch as their groups form, develop and conclude. 

Interested in leading a Sophomore Journey Group?  Contact Meaghan Crowley: or 937-229-4813 

Want to participate in a Sophomore Journey Group?  Click here

Name & Title

Meaghan Crowley

Campus Minister for Christan Leadership and Retreats


Email: Meaghan Crowley

Phone: 937.229.4813

Campus Ministry: Retreats and Faith Communities

Calla Couch

Graduate Student - Retreat and Faith Communities


Email: Calla Couch

Phone: 937.229.3973

Graduate Assistant
Campus Ministry: Retreats and Faith Communities

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