Catholic Life

As committed Christians, we are a group of young, faithful Catholics at the University of Dayton being strengthened by the Love and Truth of Christ, modeling our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. We strive to live out the New Evangelization through dedication to relational ministry, faithfulness to Church doctrine, and sharing in the radical call of discipleship, compelled by Christ in the Eucharist. We center our ministry in the sacramental life of the Church. We welcome all by challenging them to grow with us in love and service of our Lord.

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Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-9:00pm and every Friday from 1:00pm-4:00pm in the Alumni Hall Chapel. Students can sign up for a weekly, 40 min time slot. There must always be at least 2 people present with our Lord as He must never be left alone! 

Alpha & Omega Nights

These events are large group gatherings that will have a youth group sort of feel to them! We will have speakers, small groups, games, and more! Come and engage in fellowship and fun!

IHOP (Intense Hour of Praise)

Join us for an hour of praise & worship as we sing our hearts out to glorify the good Lord! And then enjoy some warm pancakes and fellowship afterwards!


Catholic LIFE teams up with Campus Ministry in the spring semester to make the Catholic Lenten Retreat. Students will have a chance to explore the themes within the season of Lent while encountering the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.


We gather as a group to pray the rosary together every night at 10:00pm in the Immaculate Conception chapel, and different nights of the week rosaries are also held in houses, apartments, and dorms. Join us as we ask for our Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession!

Special Events

Join us for some awesome events based on our Catholic faith! We host various different events throughout the year to keep you entertained. In the past we have sponsored silent retreats, a talk by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Cincinnati, trips to venerate the relics of saints, and more. We will also provide transportation to a variety of events, such as concerts and conferences. We have also hosted events like leading meditations on the Stations of the Cross.


Social Events

Gather with us as we live out the joy of the Gospel with our peers! We host occasional social events such as game nights, house parties, formals, movie nights, and more. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow students who share our Catholic faith!

Bible Study

Every Thursday at 9:00pm we will gather in the Immaculate Conception chapel conference room to learn about our Lord through His divinely inspired Word. Join us as we deepen our faith lives by meditating on the life of Christ in Scripture. 

St. Francis Ministry

As Catholics, we are called to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. Join St. Francis ministry in doing acts of service, such as visiting nursing home residents to bring the light of Christ into their lives!

Women's Group

Join us as we support each other and learn how to be holy women of Christ! We will discuss issues and topics relevant to God's plan for women in the Church and support each other as we journey with the Lord!


Peter Kania: President

Hey hey hey everybody! I’m a junior accounting and operations major here at D-D-D-Dayton. I’m from the Chicagoland area, and have lived there my entire life. When I’m not doing all the shtuff shtuff with Catholic LIFE LIFE I like to rage, watch the Blackhawks, play Catan, and rage some more. I love meeting new people, so if you don’t know me, let’s make it happen! AMDG

Dan Warner: Vice-President

My name is Dan Warner and I am a junior majoring in Operations & Supply Chain Management. I am the vice president of Catholic LIFE this year and am excited to contribute to this organization and serve the body of Christ! My favorite saint is St. Joseph because he is a model of chastity and virtue for men everywhere. Outside of Catholic LIFE, I enjoy listening to classical music, playing soccer, and collecting coins.

P.S. Check out these Bible verses: Romans 12:2 and 1 Corinthians 11:2

Emilie Pollauf: Treasurer

I am a junior pre-physical therapy major from a small town outside of Toledo, Ohio, who loves children, ice cream, and Jesus! I am the treasurer of Catholic LIFE, and I am also involved in leading praise and worship with our IHOP ministry. When I’m not doing Catholic LIFE things, I’m helping plan with the Agape Latte committee, exercising at the RecPlex, spending time with my friends, or sharing the love of God with those I meet!

Sara Schonder: Secretary

I am the secretary of Catholic LIFE and a first year International Business Management major with a passion for puns and fried rice. Outside of Catholic LIFE, I am a member of the UD Waterski Team, Club 6, and Swing Dance Club. I’m also a CRS Ambassador and help teach a Confirmation prep class to 7th graders. Before UD, I actually intended to apply to Xavier, but accidentally applied to St. Xavier in Chicago and didn’t realize my mistake until I got an acceptance letter. I believe God has a sense of humor and could not be more proud to be a Flyer.

Kaity Jones: Adoration Coordinator

Hey guys, I’m a sophomore Applied Mathematical Economics major (and no, I do not fully understand what that actually means). I love life, people, and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Most will tell you my spirit animal is a bunny, and it’s true. When I’m not working as adoration coordinator for Catholic LIFE, I’ll probably be playing music, hanging with friends, or hanging out in the chapel because I really love Jesus, no joke! 

Alexander Mingus: Alpha & Omega Peer Minsiter

I’m a junior studying Political Science and Human Rights Studies! I’ve been the Alpha and Omega peer minister for the past few semesters, and I love the way this ministry brings us closer through the wisdom of guest speakers and a desire to grow in love for our Lord! I spend my other time in Catholic LIFE playing praise and worship music for our IHOP ministry, as well as attending rosary, service opportunities, and social events.  Outside of my time in this ministry, I am the president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul on campus and a Catholic Relief Services student ambassador. It is such a blessing to be a part of this organization where we all strive to commit ourselves fully in service to Jesus Christ.

Alex Scherb: Advertising and Public Relations Peer Minister

I am a first-year Communication major. I am also a member of the Flyer Pep Band, the Pride of Dayton Marching Band, and To Write Love On Her Arms. Before UD, I did all of the band things, ran Cross Country and Track, and was on the Peer Ministry team at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. I chose UD because I love the Marianist Charism, the community, and knew I needed the Marycrest Fire Alarms in my life. I love playing trombone and ukulele. I firmly believe in taking pride in all you do as well as in the power of dancing.

Jill Foster: Rosary Peer Minister

I am in the Class of 2018 and am looking forward to working on this ministry for my second year. In addition to being a Human Rights Studies major (with minors in Sustainability, Computer Science, and Religious Studies), I am also a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Student Ambassador who likes reading fantasy and science fiction novels (when I have time), playing Legend of Zelda (again, when there’s time), and watching anime (for which there is always time). When I joined Catholic LIFE at the end of my first year, I met so many people who helped me deepen my faith and become a truly active participant in learning and teaching the wonders of our Lord. Never have I seen God more at work in my life, enriching it every day, than here at the University of Dayton. God bless!

Mike Laws: Bible Study Co-Leader

Hello world! I am a junior Communication student concentrating in Media Production with minors in Religious Studies and Film Studies. I became involved in Catholic LIFE my sophomore year attending Alpha and Omega nights. I am very excited to be co-leading Bible Study and hope that, through grace, all may come to a better understanding of faith through Scripture. God bless!

Ben Wilson: Bible Study Co-Leader

Hello! My name is Ben Wilson and I am currently serving as Bible study co-leader with Mike Laws! I am from western Pennsylvania, a student of Chemical Engineering, and a sophomore. Some of my main hobbies include listening to music (Beatles and the Avett Brothers), playing music (several instruments - all badly), struggling over organic chemistry, going to daily Mass, and reading classic works of theology. I have been involved with Catholic LIFE since coming to UD as a freshman, and have formed some of my strongest friendships here with other members! Being in a group that fostered an increased devotion to Jesus and our Blessed Mother has been essential to my growth as a person and a Catholic, and I hope you choose to be involved too!

Emily Benintendi: IHOP Peer Minister

Hello! I am currently a junior at UD, studying Adolescent to Young Adult Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I am the IHOP peer minister, and this is my third year serving with this incredible ministry. Outside of Catholic LIFE, I am an Undergraduate Music Minister, as well as a retreat leader and a member of the Faith Fest Core Team. I love playing piano, reading, and spending time with my family, which includes my three dogs.

Anna Hecht: Freshman Advocate

Hey there! My name is Anna Hecht, and as Freshman Advocate I am here to introduce to you all of the opportunities Catholic LIFE has to deepen your spiritual life and love for Christ. The people I have met through Catholic LIFE continue to amaze me with their devotion to our God and our Mother.

I am a sophomore Electrical Engineering student who spends a little free time with club softball, an entrepreneurship engineering organization (EMpwr), and of course with some incredible friends I met through Catholic LIFE! I am from the distant land of Cincinnati, OH, but have spent my whole life making the journey up to UD as a future Flyer!

Michael Hampo: Special Events Coordinator

Oh hey there! I’m Mike and I’m the peer minister in charge of special events! I am from Plymouth, Michigan and will be a junior in the Fall of 2017. My major is Computer Engineering and one of the biggest reasons I chose UD is because it is a Catholic University that actually had an engineering program. I love being able to serve in Catholic LIFE, not only in my ministry, but also IHOP, and of course going to many of the other events. God has just done so many good things in my life that I hope to bring as many people as I can to Him so He can do the same!

Julia Ward: St. Francis Peer Minister

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Catholic LIFE! If you are looking to learn more about Catholicism or enrich your spiritual life, then this organization is for you. I am a sophomore in the Honors program studying Pre-Physical Therapy, and I am responsible for organizing service events for Catholic LIFE. The activities I enjoy most are encountering God in the Sacraments and by praying the Rosary, as He is my reason (and yours!) for existing. I love the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I like to toss a frisbee, stop and smell the flowers, and hang out with my twin brother. My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10. Go check it out! God bless you as you strive for sainthood.

Jamie Stanton: Women's Group Peer Minister

I am the Women’s Group peer minister for Catholic LIFE. I hope to build friendships through everything from knitting together, to sharing faith stories, to video games, and everything in between. My major is Electrical Engineering and I’m a member of the class of 2018. I am passionate about fighting for the rights of the unborn (as well as soccer and chocolate). I am learning ballet and ballroom, as well as singing at various Masses and attending endless extra-curricular meetings. Originally from a “hamlet” (377 people as of 2010) about an hour north of New York City, I didn’t know anyone when I got here. But through the grace of God, I’ve made so many great friends through Catholic LIFE. Having people to grow with me in my faith is such a blessing!

Kylie Krone: Social Events Peer Minister

Hey, my name is Kylie Krone! I am a sophomore Biology major, and the Social Chair for Catholic LIFE! I am pumped to be the one who plans things that help build our sense of community, such as movie nights, parties, and hikes! I am passionate about God, nature, and sunshine! Outside of Catholic LIFE, I am in Swing Dance Club, the faith and service DLE, Club 6, and I play drums in Marching Band and Pep Band! My other hobbies include kayaking, paddleboarding, basically anything outside, playing ukulele while singing really badly, dancing really badly like nobody’s watching, and loving all living organisms! Catholic LIFE is actually the best thing in the universe and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do!

~“Bloom where you are planted.” -St. Francis de Sales~


The name of the group originally came about because they believed “the single goal of the group was to help students live a full life of discipleship.”

Catholic Life was founded in 2003 by a group of students who desired to deepen their faith through Eucharistic Adoration. Within a couple of years, this organization was flourishing. For a number of years, Catholic Life changed the lives of many students, bringing those involved into a relationship with Christ. However, over time, involvement began to decline as the interests and focus of the student population shifted. As of Fall 2012, Catholic Life had become an organization unknown by many. It seemed that this once-prominent group had faded. God had something else in mind.

In the Fall of 2012, a few small groups of students began meeting at various locations around campus to pray the Rosary. Wrapped in the mantle of our Blessed Mother, the groups grew with amazing rapidity. Within a couple of months, groups grew from five or six people to twenty-five or thirty. It became clear that this group should become an official club, recognized by the University of Dayton. Thus, the renewal of Catholic Life began.