Activities to Look Forward to During Your Callings Experience

Callings Schedule 

Each day of the Callings Program is focused one of the four pillars learn, lead, serve, and pray. Below you will find some of the activities to look forward to during your Callings experience.

Day 1 – Learn

The first day of Callings focuses on activities to get to know one another, the University of Dayton campus, and an opportunity to get to know some faculty members.

Day 2 – Lead

During the second day of Callings participants will have an introduction to the Dayton area, take a Dayton Neighborhood tour, learn about their personality and leadership traits, meet Marianist Educational Associates, and spend more time exploring the University of Dayton Campus.

Day 3 – Serve

The third day of Callings is filled with the opportunity to serve at a local Dayton organizations and schools, have dinner with Lay Marianists in the area, and engage in a panel discussion with current UD students.

Day 4 – Pray

The final day of Callings is filled with time for participants to reflect on their transition to college and a closing prayer service.

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