Embedded in his Being

May 03, 2015

Culture and Society, Campus and Community, Catholic, Students

Ramon Estévez, better known as Martin Sheen, became a graduate of the University of Dayton Sunday morning, saying he was "deeply moved" by the ceremony honoring him for a lifetime of humanitarian action that, at the same time, fulfilled his father's dream for him.

That's Dr. Estévez

April 29, 2015

Campus and Community, Culture and Society, Service and Giving, Catholic

Count Dayton native Ramon Estévez, better known as Martin Sheen, among the more than 1,900 University of Dayton graduates receiving diplomas this weekend.

Making Waves

April 21, 2015

Students, Engineering, International, Faculty, Research

The University of Dayton electrical and computer engineering department has been making waves with initiatives to improve student learning outcomes.

Fourteen Green Elephants

April 21, 2015

Sustainability, Students, Campus and Community

We're working on sustainability solutions. At this time of year, we measure results in tons.

Can you hear me now?

April 20, 2015

Business, Campus and Community

You Tune Hearing Protection, a recently patented adjustable device to help prevent hearing loss, is the winner of the 2014-2015 University of Dayton Business Plan Competition.

By God's Grace

April 16, 2015

Catholic, Campus and Community, Students

Sean Ferguson, the 23-year-old marketing major struck by lightning, has been transferred to a hospital near his home and is beginning a lengthy and difficult recovery, according to his family.

Zombie Family Values

April 14, 2015

Faculty, Research

Researchers studying the first three seasons of the AMC hit show The Walking Dead found the show and its characters push family as the best hope for the end times, rather than government, science or religion, and this redefinition of the zombie genre can help explain how the show has amassed its 14-million-per-episode fan base.

Prayers for Sean

April 10, 2015

More than 100 University of Dayton students, faculty and staff gathered in Chaminade Chapel Thursday evening to pray for Sean Ferguson, a 23-year-old senior marketing major from Pittsburgh who was struck by lightning Wednesday night, to come together as a community and to offer comfort to his family.

Perspectives on Peace

April 07, 2015

Students, Hot Topics, Campus and Community, Culture and Society

The final series event of the spring semester — 7 p.m. Saturday, April 11, in the Kennedy Union ballroom — features playwright, actor and professor Anna Deavere Smith and her brand of theater that highlights community, character and diversity in America.

Learning Outcomes

April 02, 2015

The Common Academic Program draws from Habits of Inquiry and Reflection, a document that lays out the purposes of a Marianist education and delineates specific outcomes. CAP is the means of delivering those outcomes.

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