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Ready for Students

March 21, 2014

Health, Students, Campus and Community

After two years of preparation, the Physician Assistant program received formal approval to offer an accredited program to incoming students this fall

Assisting Physician Assistants

January 24, 2014

Campus and Community, Health, Service, Teacher Education

A generous gift from Midmark supplied the new physician assistant program exam rooms and simulation rooms with state-of-the-art equipment.

Fast Enough?

November 08, 2013

Research, Health, Faculty and Staff

A new study shows qualifying times for the Boston Marathon are too easy for younger women and too tough for older women.

Tiny But Mighty Fruit Fly

September 27, 2013

Science, Research, Faculty and Staff, Health

The eye of a fruit fly holds the key to fighting cancer and other diseases. Two biologists chronicle leading research in a new book.

Distinguished Fellows

June 06, 2013

Campus and Community, Faculty and Staff, Health

Two faculty in the physician assistant program are recognized for excellence in their profession.

A Focus on Health Sciences

May 15, 2013

Humanities and Social Sciences, Health

As physician assistant program progresses toward a 2014 launch, the School of Education changes name to reflect to new focus.

Healthcare Symposium

March 07, 2013

Health, Campus and Community

The new federal healthcare law and controversies in preventive medicine are the focus of this year's healthcare symposium March 23.

Regeneration Roadmap

February 20, 2013

Research, Science, Health, Faculty and Staff

Research at the University of Dayton identifies the process -- at the genetic level -- newts use to regenerate tissue.

Fixing a Sticky Situation

October 22, 2012

Health, Research

Research to be presented at national conference shows sticky proteins are responsible for the fusing surgical screws and plates used in bone repair.

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