For Math and Science Teachers

06.01.2005 | FacultyThe Ohio Board of Regents has approved a mathematics in education master's degree at the University of Dayton targeted to high school math and science teachers. The program will start this summer.

Faculty from the mathematics department and School of Education and Allied Professions will collaborate on the program, which will blend mathematics content and pedagogy, educational theory, and research. The Ohio Department of Education Licensure Standards, which now require all teachers to complete either a master's degree or at least 30 semester hours of graduate coursework in education or their content area, have increased the demand for such programs.

Two classes ("Advanced Mathematics for Secondary Teachers" and "Linear and Abstract Algebra for Teachers") will be offered this summer from June 13-July 25.

Rebecca Krakowski, assistant professor of mathematics, will direct the program. She and Shannon Driskell, assistant professor of mathematics, have been designated as outreach mathematicians. They will write grants to support workshops for area teachers, collaborate with education faculty to improve the mathematics instruction of preservice teachers, participate in organizations committed to improving mathematics education throughout the state, and create partnerships to facilitate reform efforts in mathematics education in the Miami Valley.

Other faculty in the program include Atif Abueida and Aparna Higgins of mathematics, Jayne Brahler of health and sport science, and Janet Herrelko, Kathryn Kinnucan-Welsch, and Joseph Watras, of teacher education.

For more information, contact Becky Krakowski at (937) 229-2106 or