Wednesday March 8, 2006

Police Conclude Investigation in Sorority Incident

The Dayton police deparment concludes its investigation in a recent sorority incident and says no criminal charges will be filed in the alleged sexual assault.

The Dayton Police Department and University of Dayton police have concluded a joint investigation into an incident involving a sorority, student misconduct and a possible sexual assault involving UD students in the early morning hours of Feb. 16.

The investigation failed to provide any evidence to support a charge for any sex-related crimes, and no criminal charges will be filed as a result, according to Dayton police.

However, as a result of the investigation, the University has identified several students involved in the incident and has charged them with violations of University of Dayton standards for alcohol-related offenses, disorderly conduct and hazing.

The University considers violations of these standards to be very serious. Disciplinary sanctions could include suspension from the University from one semester to two years.

The sorority, Alpha Phi, has been placed on suspension pending the results of a disciplinary hearing to determine the extent of any organizational violations of University regulations.

For more information, contact Linda Robertson at (937) 229-3257.