Thursday June 15, 2006

State Funding Increases Research Capabilities

State Funding Increases UD's Research Capabilities in Bioscience and Bioengineering; Boosts Economic Growth locally and throughout Ohio.

The University of Dayton is one of 12 research universities in Ohio to benefit from the state's new Economic Growth Challenge/Innovation Incentive funding program geared toward building world-class research capacity, developing new products and creating more jobs.

Under the program, UD will allocate the funds in the area of bioscience and bioengineering at the nanoscale, building on the University's strong investment in nanotechnology and its strengths in engineering and the sciences. This interdisciplinary research program complements the state's Third Frontier Project investments in bioscience, advanced materials, instruments, controls and electronics.

"The first year, we'll invest in research fellowships for our best doctoral students, which will enhance their training in key areas and increase our capabilities to conduct the type of research that will help us obtain additional funding," said Thomas Eggemeier, dean of UD's graduate school. "Ultimately, this initiative will help us attract preeminent faculty, enhance our national reputation as a doctoral institution and help keep our highly qualified graduates within the state of Ohio to further contribute to its economic growth."

This initiative will involve investment in five science and engineering doctoral programs at the University of Dayton: biology, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, electro-optics and electrical engineering. The three focus areas include tissue regeneration, or regenerative medicine; biomaterials that are designed to interact with living tissue; and biosensors, which can perform such functions as detecting toxins in the blood, cancer cells in tissue or toxic material in air or water.

As a recipient of Ohio's Economic Growth Challenge fund, UD continues to build an impressive resume:

* No. 1 in Ohio for research and development sponsored by the Department of Defense and for aerospace research;
* No. 1 in Ohio and No. 2 in the nation in materials research funded by the federal government;
* No. 1 Catholic university in the nation conducting non-medical research and ranks second among all Ohio universities in non-medical research;
* In 2005, UD attracted more than $70 million in external research funding;
* UD increased its sponsored research volume from $40 million in 2001 to more than $70 million in 2005, an increase of 75 percent.

"The University of Dayton is committing considerable resources to integrate our well-established nanoscale science and engineering expertise with our rapidly growing biological and biomedical research capabilities," Eggemeier said. "This has allowed us to leverage and strengthen collaborative relationships across our campus, throughout our region and with other centers of learning around the world.

"With this interdisciplinary research program, we have identified focus areas that align our unique strengths with the graduate and advanced learning needs of the state of Ohio," Eggemeier said.

For more information, contact Thomas Eggemeier at 937-229-2390 or Linda Robertson at 937-229-3257.