Tuesday September 5, 2006

From Sea to Shining Sea

The School of Law draws students from a record number of states and its applicant pool consistently ranks ahead of the national average.

The word about the University of Dayton School of Law continues to get out nationwide. When the fall crop of University of Dayton law students returns to class this week, more than half will hail from one of 27 states other than Ohio.

"It shows that the University of Dayton School of Law is expanding its reach, and more students nationwide are interested in what we offer," said Janet Hein, assistant dean and director of admission for the UD School of Law.

The number of fall applicants support that, too. UD's fall applicant pool is three percentage points higher than the national and regional averages. Combined with the students who applied for the school's new option to start in the summer, UD's total applicant pool is nearly 20 percent higher than the national average.

Hein said curricular changes that emphasize community service and real-world learning, as well as provide an option to graduate in five semesters instead of the traditional six, are most likely the factors that fueled the increase.

This year's entering class will be the first that will be encouraged to sign pro bono pledges stating they will complete at least 50 hours of community service, most of which must be free legal services to the poor.

A small but growing number of law schools nationally requires students to complete pro bono work before graduation, but more are opting to encourage it — and in UD's case —reward it, according to Lisa Kloppenberg, dean of the School of Law.

"It's also consistent with the American Bar Association's increasing emphasis on pro bono service," she said. "I believe that students who take part in this service will be inspired to continue their pro bono efforts throughout their careers."

For more information, contact Janet Hein at 937-229-3555 or Lisa Kloppenberg, law school dean, at 937-229-3795.